Building a Compounding Pharmacy Dedicated to Quality, Service and Safety

Wells Pharmacy Network is a privately held nationwide compounding pharmacy specializing in wellness, anti-aging, weight management, urology, and veterinary compounding solutions.

Our mission is to elevate compounding industry standards through a unique combination of superior science and service. Wells Pharmacy Network uses the most advanced instrumentation, including in-house sterility and endotoxin testing, which allow us to control the quality and timely delivery of our preparations, such as sterile implantable bioidentical hormone pellets and other custom medications. Patient safety is our priority and our commitment to the quality of the preparations we compound is the most important thing we do each and every day.

Learn more about why Physicians and Veterinarians across the country choose Wells Pharmacy to prepare their compounded prescriptions, hormone replacements, and other specialized medications.

Our History

In 2011 a group of successful healthcare industry investors saw an opportunity to create a better compounding pharmacy by investing in advanced technology and top talent. Their first step was to purchase the assets of several existing compounding pharmacies. Next, they hired talented executives who understand the ever-changing healthcare industry; then they invested heavily in the most sophisticated compounding and sterilization equipment available to provide exceptional quality and safety. The result of their efforts is Wells Pharmacy Network. Today, physicians and patients throughout the United States choose Wells because they are confident in the quality of our medications and appreciate the personalized service we provide. We believe the investments we are making in technology and talent will position us to better serve our provider and patient customers in the days, months and years to come.

Quality & Safety Is Our Priority

Wells Pharmacy Network uses the most advanced instrumentation, including in-house sterility and endotoxin testing
Our pharmacy meets all USP <797> sterile compounding and USP <795> nonsterile compounding standards. In addition to utilizing an independent laboratory for sterility testing, Wells Pharmacy has made significant investments in both a Rapid Scan RDI scanner and Charles River MCS800 endotoxin screening equipment. This allows our pharmacists to access results within a few days, rather than the 14 days normally needed when sending a sample out of house for testing. A copy of the sterility report is available upon request for every sterile order.


Wells Pharmacy Network has pharmacy locations in Ocala, Florida and Dyersburg Tennessee, as well as corporate offices in Wellington, Florida.

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