Did you miss Dr. Crozier webinar on Quad Immune?

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Dr. Gordon Crozier is a board-certified physician, speaker, lecturer, and best-selling author. Dr. Crozier is a recognized leader in the research and application of integrative and genetics-based medicine.

In this webinar, Dr. Crozier discussed that there has never been a better time to optimize you and your patient’s immune system. Wells Pharmacy Network is launching Quad Immune, a combination of 4 products: Thymosin alpha 1, Zinc, Vitamin D, and Vitamin B Complex with Vitamin C. Quad Immune supports the human immune response against viral infections, and Thymosin alpha 1 has been shown in studies to help regulate pro-inflammatory cytokine storms.

If you need more information about Wells Pharmacy Network new Quad Immune, please call us at 866-376-1823

Please enjoy the Webinar below:


Eduardo PantojaDid you miss Dr. Crozier webinar on Quad Immune?